Past Performances

In order to highlight the expertise that Futron can bring to our customers we have listed just a few of our past accomplishments for IT and Telecommunications, Physical Security, and Design Build Construction below.

IT and Telecommunications


U.S. Army, Design and Installation of Network Infrastructure at 13 Army clinics Nation Wide

Futron provides network infrastructure design, installation, and maintenance in accordance with U.S. Army standards on the Army Medical Command Cabling Installation Community-Based Primary Care Clinic (CBPCC) Wired and Wireless Communications Cabling Engineering, Installation, and Testing Project. We were tasked to design and install network infrastructure in several U.S. Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) Clinics around the country.


Department of Labor, Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), TelePresence Solution Deployment and Support in West Virginia, Kentucky, Colorado, Utah, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Virginia

Futron has designed and implemented a TelePresence solution to improve communication between MSHA headquarters, district and field offices, mine emergency response command centers, and the MSHA Mine Academy. Our TelePresence solution creates a live, face-to-face high-definition communication experience over the network that empowers MSHA to provide training to its employees and collaborate with other entities.


Task Force for Business and Stability Operations (TFBSO), Information Technology Services throughout Afghanistan

We are currently providing 24×7 Information Technology support for the DoD Task Force for Business and Stability Operations (TFBSO) in Kabul, Herat, Mazar Sharif, Camp Morehead and Kandahar, Afghanistan. Futron helps ensure that TFBSO’s access to DoD Enterprise networks and services, commercial internet connectivity, and mobile networks are maintained.


U.S. Army, Design and Installation of a Comprehensive Video Wall at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait

Futron designed and installed a comprehensive video wall for the U.S. Army Area Support Group – Kuwait (ASG-K) Command Operations Center (COC) at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. Our solution included AMX, NEC, Juniper, Biamp and Extron products. This project included design, procurement, staging, installation, testing and acceptance and required close coordination with the Government within both the U.S. and Kuwait.


U.S. Army, Fiber Connectivity at Camp Julian & Camp Dubs, Afghanistan

As a part of our Southwest Asia Telecommunications Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) with the Army, Futron installed the new Outside Plant (OSP) telecommunications infrastructure at both Camp Julian and Camp Dubs in Afghanistan with Non-Secure Internet Protocol Routing (NIPR), Secure Internet Protocol Routing (SIPR), Coalition Enterprise Information Exchange – Secret (CENTRIXS), and (Dark) services. The new telecommunications duct infrastructure will connect Camp Julian with Camp Dubs once completed. This project requires procurement, logistics, on site personnel, base access, and U.S. Government regulation compliance.


U.S. Air Force, Design and Installation of Structured Cabling Solutions at Wright Patterson Air Force Base

Wright Patterson Air Force Base chose Futron to provide installation of structured cabling solutions under the $25 million dollar Fiber Optic Cabling Infrastructure Services (FOCIS) contract. Futron provided installation of copper and fiber cabling infrastructures along with indoor and outside plant applications. Futron engineered and installed fiber-optic backbone (288 strands) across the base. In all, we installed more than a mile and a half of fiber optic cabling.


Department of Veterans Affairs, Voice System Design, Installation, and Management, across the United States

Over the past ten years Futron Incorporated has supported the Veterans Administration’s mission-critical voice needs by installing more than 30 voice systems featuring PBX, voicemail, and VoIP solutions in various VA facilities around the country. Over the past three years, Futron has delivered and managed the VA Pittsburgh Voice Solutions consisting of three primary VoIP enabled PBXs.


Social Security Administration, Lifecycle Network Solutions and Management, across the United States, Caribbean, and Pacific Rim

Futron provides total lifecycle solutions to the SSA for its national video teleconferencing network. Our services include installation, maintenance, on-site support, and help desk services for SSA’s entire network.


United States Department of Agriculture, Certification and Accreditation (C&A) services, across the United States

Our staff of highly trained information security specialists provide on-site certification and accreditation services for the USDA Rural Development Agency.


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Help Desk and Database Support, across the United States

NOAA’s Ocean Survey Development Agency is digitizing wave models and other historical databases for coastal erosion study and analysis. Futron provides support for this initiative by supplying NOAA with highly qualified UNIX administrators and oceanographic wave modelers. This contract includes comprehensive help desk support.


Department of Interior, Ethernet Connectivity, Across the United States

In support of the DOI’s Enterprise Services Network initiative Futron provides Ethernet connectivity to DOI agencies around the country. Futron constructs and maintains more than 20 ethernet connections for the DOI ranging from 10Mbps to 100Mbps speeds governed by industry-leading Service Level Agreements.


U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM), Enterprise Information Technology Services, Across the United States, Germany, Qatar

In partnership with L3 Communications under the EITC Contract, Futron provides more than 25 staff members to support SOCOM IT services at four bases around the United States and overseas in Qatar and Germany. Futron’s personnel provide infrastructure, voice, video, configuration management, and help desk services.


U.S. Air Force Ontology, Metadata

Futron supports the development of standardized information structures for the U.S. Air Force Recruiting, Training, and Education (RT&E) COI that are consistent with DoD/Air Force/AETC requirements and standards. This has included participation in and support for defining domain vocabularies and related artifacts needed to define, document, implement, and employ the vocabularies, to include identifying those data elements that need to be given an authoritative data source status and those data elements that will directly be supported in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) environment.


U.S. Department of Agriculture, Commodity Market Information System (CMIS) Development

Futron was selected by General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Systems Integration and Management Center (FEDSIM) to develop the Commodity Market Information System (CMIS) for the USDA Futron developed the CMIS system with the performance objectives of improving the monthly WASDE report generation process for WAOB and to provide a centralized USDA portal for all commodity publications and data to USDA’s customers and the public. The system allows secure access and analysis of sensitive data during the WAOB Monthly Lockup. The initial Government review of the system was so successful that the project was highlighted in the White House Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP) as a small business success story for USDA and GSA FEDSIM.

Physical Security


US Air Force, Closed Circuit Television, Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina

Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter, South Carolina chose Futron to upgrade its base-wide CCTV system to monitor highly secure areas such as the flight line, base entrances, and weapons storage facilities. Futron provided design, installation, and maintenance services.


National Park Police, National Mall Physical Security, Washington, DC

After the tragic events of 9-11 the National Park Police selected Futron Incorporated to provide physical security solutions for the National Monuments located on the Mall and around Washington, DC. Futron installed camera systems on the Washington, Lincoln, FDR, Jefferson, and Korean Memorials.


U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM), Closed Circuit Television

Futron’s overseas capabilities and ability to deliver security solutions worldwide made Futron the best choice to secure a CENTCOM housing compound in Qatar. Futron designed, staged, and installed a wireless CCTV system to detect and deter intruders from accessing the homes and offices of U.S. military personnel.


Federal Bureau of Prisons, Security Solutions, across the United States

Over the past 10 years the Federal Bureau of Prisons and Futron Incorporated have partnered to deliver high-security solutions to prisons located around the United States. In one such case at a Federal Bureau of Prison facility in Petersburg, Virginia, Futron designed and installed an intrusion detection system around the entire fence line of the prison facility.


Department of Justice, Access Control and Intrusion Detection, Washington, DC

Department of Justice Headquarters located in Washington, DC is a highly secure location concerned with controlling access to secured areas. Futron was chosen to provide an access control and intrusion detection solution at DOJ headquarters preventing unauthorized personnel from entering sensitive areas.


U.S. Department of Justice, Security Portals Installation

Futron is currently working with the United States Department of Justice (DOJ), Justice Management Division (JMD), Security and Emergency Planning Staff (SEPS) to acquire new security portals to replace the existing portals at the Department of Justice Robert F. Kennedy Main Justice Building. We are providing all labor, supervision, programming, training, materials, and equipment necessary for the performance of the installation of the security portal system.


U.S. Department of Justice, Physical Security Equipment Installation

Futron is currently working with DOJ Security and Emergency Planning Staff (SEPS) to expand and upgrade the video surveillance security capabilities and video archival system of the Robert F. Kennedy Main Justice Building. This project includes the planning and installation of video cameras, digital video recorders (DVR), network video recorders (NVR), video archival system, and door locking mechanisms.

Design-Build Construction


US Marine Corps, Design Build of the AIT Facility in Camp Al Taqaddum, Iraq

In support of U.S. troops in Iraq, Futron was tasked with building a pre-fabricated metal building to support the armoring of Humvees for U.S. Marines in Iraq. Futron dispatched personnel and materials to Iraq and completed the project within eight weeks of arrival at Camp AQ.


US Army, Design-Build of a Fire Station in Sunny Point, North Carolina

Utilizing its design-build construction process Futron constructed a fire station for the U.S. Army at Sunny Point, NC. The state of the art facility was built to house fire trucks and fire fighters tasked with deterring and putting out dangerous fires on base.


U.S. Army, Design-Build of multiple buildings at Fort Bragg, North Carolina

As part of an Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity contract for the Army at Ft. Bragg, NC Futron has constructed eight buildings on the base. All of these buildings were constructed using design-build processes and methodologies and are of varying size and requirements.


Federal Bureau of Prisons, Facility renovation and upgrade in Miami, Florida

The Federal Bureau of Prisons penitentiary in Miami, Florida houses high level and dangerous prisoners. Based on the age of the facilities a renovation was required to upgrade inmate housing facilities, which Futron successfully renovated and upgraded.


Security and Exchange Commission, Facility renovation in Alexandria, Virginia

The Security and Exchange Commission tasked Futron with renovating its facility in Alexandria, Virginia. Renovations included refinishing the parking lot with new black top and landscaping. Futron was tasked with completing this work in two weeks while on working weekends. The project was successfully completed on time and to the satisfaction of the SEC.


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Design-Build of the 2nd Regional Headquarters Complex in Ramadi, Iraq

As a part of our $450 million program to provide design-build services for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Iraq, Futron provided a 75,000 sq. m. campus for the Iraqi border patrol in western Iraq. This project was designed and constructed to U.S. standards as part of the Iraq Reconstruction program. The campus includes a Main Headquarters building, dining facility, multiple barracks, classrooms, warehouse space, vehicle maintenance facility, and all required utilities to construct a standalone facility. The actual building usable space is more than 7,800 sq. m. (83,960 sq. ft.). Our success amid the unique aspects of material procurement and manpower deployment to this remote area of Iraq indicates our skills in logistics and scheduling to make certain project delays were not experienced. In addition, we oversaw our design team located in Beirut. We also set up real-time communications between our design center, the job site, and our management offices in Wilmington, NC, to provide for full-team communication and to ensure quality and safety were maintained on this project.


U.S. Army Design-Build Completion of the Rigger Facility – Kandahar Air Field, Afghanistan

Under our $90 million program to provide design-build construction for the U.S. Army in Southern Afghanistan, our team successfully completed the construction of two K-Span metal buildings for parachute rigging operations on Kandahar Air Field in Afghanistan. Amid rocket and sniper fire, the project was completed using a combination of local labor force and multinational partnerships from Turkey, Pakistan, India, and the Philippines. All design work and material procurement was performed in the United States and synchronized with on-site staff and logistics teams. Our Safety Plan successfully prevented any safety, sanitation, or health issues. Our management staff was located on the base at our living compound and coordinated construction activities with a fully operational helicopter sling load pickup and drop-off point directly adjacent to the site. Additionally, the project site was situated within active mine fields. The project was completed on time with no safety incidents and no change orders.