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Futron Strengthens VMware Partnership with 8 new VMware Certifications

Futron Incorporated is proud to announce the recent achievement of eight new VMware certifications. We are currently a Professional Level Partner, incorporating VMware’s virtualization solutions and products into our offering for customers such as the Special Operations Command (SOCOM). We have earned five VMware Sales Professional 4 (VSP4) certifications and three VMware Technical Sales Professional 4 (VTSP 4) certifications.

Futron’s relationship with VMware is rooted in our strong commitment to promote industry-leading solutions and products as well as our technical capability proven on federal contracts around the world. For example, Futron currently operates and maintains SOCOM’s virtual environment in Qatar. This includes operating servers, routers, storage devices, Cisco hardware, and VMware hardware. Our Configuration Management services ensure that all hardware and software versions deployed in production are identical to the operational baseline recorded in the CM system. We also advise and consult on future virtualization efforts. We provide a variety of operation and maintenance services for SOCOM’s existing environment, using tools such as Access Virtual Center Manager (VMC), Patching VCM, VM Server Movements, and Shutdown/Startup Procedures. Futron is focused on continually strengthening our relationship with VMware.

“Through our VMware partnership, we can provide our data and physical security customers the ability to spend less capital, reduce their operations and maintenance costs, and increase their storage capacity. Virtualization and consolidations efforts will drive our industry for the coming years and Futron’s partnership with VMware will be key to our success in helping our customers achieve their goals.”

-Shakil Qureshi, President

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