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Project Snapshot: U.S. Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) Community-Based Primary Care Clinic (CBPCC) Wired and Wireless Communications Cabling Engineering, Installation, and Testing Project

Futron Incorporated provides network infrastructure design, installation, and maintenance to U.S. Army standards on this project to design and install the network infrastructure in several U.S. Army Medical Clinics. Among the many project’s Futron is currently performing for the government, this project stands out as it requires support for several geographically separated locations, an array of certified personnel, and design, installation, and maintenance services within a tight timeframe.

We work hard to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction on this contract. The quote below refers to our Quality Inspector Brian and our work in general on this contract.

“’FUTRON is AWESOME!!’ Brian’s boss asked me how we could get a long term contract with you all…”
-Elaine Barrios, US Army MEDCOM Project Director

Our information technology automation equipment experts provide equipment accountability, inventory control procedures, improvements, inventory, and manage secure storage of ordered equipment control for the Army on this contract according to applicable procedures and guidelines. This picture represents the back of a patch panel we installed at Fort Campbell under this contract.

Futron’s skilled cable technicians are responsible for the installation of various projects like:
• Install all required equipment and materials for installation of telecommunications outlets for Wireless Access Points (WAPs)
• Install Plenum-Rated Coax for TV Drops
• Install 10 speakers using Plenum Wire in a daisy chain order
• Install, terminate, test, and label two plenum UTP Cat 6 cables and dual outlet faceplates to WAP outlets. Run all cables back to new 48 Port, RJ-45 Cat 6 Patch Panels in the TC. Install a two RU horizontal cable manager under each 48 port patch panel.
• Test and certify newly installed CAT 6 cable to ensure that it meets TIA-568-C standards
• Test results and Red Line drawings

Futron technicians are BICSI members and are regularly trained on the latest standards for the proper installation of structured cabling systems. Our staff brings these resources to bear to ensure the proper management, design, and installation of the Army MEDCOM infrastructure project. Furthermore, Futron provides resources to address and remedy issues with applications or devices that utilize the cabling infrastructure including data enterprise networking products, servers, voice systems, applications, and video teleconferencing systems.