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Mine Safety and Health (MSHA) TelePresence Call a Success!

Futron facilitated a nationwide TelePresence call for Joe Main, Assistant Secretary of Labor for the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) across all 10 primary MSHA TelePresence facilities on October 21, 2011.

Futron has been working with MSHA since September 2010 to provide an immersive TelePresence Solution to improve communications between headquarters, district and field offices, mine emergency response command centers, and the MSHA Mine Academy. This solution includes equipment, installation and maintenance, a dedicated MPLS network, and managed services, for up to 10 locations across the United States. This solution will be primarily be used for training and collaboration efforts internally as well as externally to universities, private organizations, and states.

The benefits of MSHA’s immersive TelePresence Solution include improved consistency in enforcement activities and enhanced knowledge and skills of mine inspectors. Additionally, the TelePresence Solution will facilitate the effective engagement of MSHA’s highly-decentralized field personnel in understanding and responding to key outcomes and initiatives of the MSHA Secretary and the agency and reduce the variability sometimes associated with the delivery of live training sessions.

To achieve maximum benefits, MSHA has identified the need to extend the TelePresence Solution to support of desktop and mobile users. This extension not only enables additional reach to a broader audience of MSHA stakeholders but would also facilitate enhanced communications with Mine Emergency Operations vehicles.

“Futron was able to provide the TelePresence solution to all 10 sites successfully after a lot of hard work by many people on the Futron team on a very difficult multi-site project. I think the progress of this contract has shown Futron continues to get better and achieve more.”

— Jami Qureshi, Futron Program Manager