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Futron enters Asia Pacific Market

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Offering innovative IT, Physical Security, and Construction Solutions to DoD Customers throughout the Asia Pacific Region

WOODBRIDGE, Va. (June 3, 2013) – After 18 years serving DoD and civilian agencies around the world, Futron Incorporated is expanding our offering to customers throughout the Asia Pacific Region. Our entry into the market is shaped by previous projects in Hawaii, Japan and South Korea which have given us insight into the unique challenges of the region. We offer solutions to complex problems that take into account regional considerations including significant logistical challenges, cyber security threats, coalition partnerships and objectives, and DoD’s Joint Information Environment initiative.

Futron will build on successes we’ve had entering new markets in the past. For example, our entry into the Middle East enabled us to support the DoD and civilian agencies on important missions throughout the region. We completed IT, physical security and construction projects in Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar, Yemen, and Kuwait. Our customers in that region include US Special Operations Command, US Air Force, State Department, Task Force for Business and Stability Operations (TFBSO), US Central Command, Army Corps of Engineers and the Defense Information Systems Agency.

About Futron Incorporated
Futron Incorporated was founded in 1994 with the Mission Statement, “Our desire is to provide the best value for our customers by offering them quality services that help them in achieving their goals.” Futron’s staff and partnerships have made this goal a reality. Since our inception Futron has grown to meet its customers’ needs by continually innovating; adding new services as the market and our customers’ needs change. Our three main business units were Data and Communications, Physical Security, and Design-Build Construction, and we have continued to develop our business in these three main arenas for more than 18 years. Evolving with our customers’ needs, these services have been leveraged to create our Collaborative Solutions offering. Futron supports our Federal customers throughout the United States and abroad in places like Japan, Qatar, Afghanistan, Germany, Greece, Italy, Burkina Faso, and Djibouti.

Contact: (571) 402-3200- [email protected]

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