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Futron awarded U.S. Army Worldwide Communications and Infrastructure Support (WCIS) Contract

Futron is honored to be awarded as one of the agreement holders for the U.S. Army’s Worldwide Communications and Infrastructure Support (WCIS) Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA). Under this BOA Futron will be given the opportunity to propose services to the U.S. Army in the following areas around the world:

• Technical Control Facilities (TCF)
• Wireless Technologies
• Outside Plant (OSP)
• Inside Plant (ISP)
• OSP/ISP Building Entrance Terminals (BET)
• Cross Connects, Premise Wiring, and Cable Plant
• Data Stacks
• Top Level Architecture (TLA) Stacks
• Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC)
• Power generation
• Data and Virtualization Services
• Enterprise Services and Capabilities
• Distributed Systems Integration
• Video Tele-Conferencing (VTC) solutions
• Digital switching systems/equipment
• Voice solutions including wireless, broadband, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)/Voice Over Secure Internet Protocol (VoSIP)
• Legacy voice solutions modernization
• Storage and networking
• Data and application virtualization and migration
• Disaster Recovery Continuity of Operations (DR/COOP)
• Terrestrial, Line of Sight (LOS) and wireless communications infrastructure

Futron has previously supported the Army on similar projects around the world. For example, Futron installed fiber optic cable in a concrete duct system at Camp Phoenix, Afghanistan. We also performed an intrusion detection system installation in Kuwait. We are excited to continue our service to the Army under this BOA.