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Project Snapshot: Task Force for Business and Stability Operations (TFBSO), Information Technology Services throughout Afghanistan

Our next project snapshot showcases Futron’s ability to quickly respond to our customers’ needs in war zones. The project requires providing 24×7 Information Technology support for the Task Force for Business and Stability Operations (TFBSO) at multiple sites throughout Afghanistan. Futron maintains TFBSO’s critical access to networks and services, and commercial internet connectivity. Additionally, Futron ensures that their mobile networks are operational.

These efforts were undertaken to support the TFBSO in their important mission of promoting economic stabilization in order to reduce violence, enhance stability and restore economic normalcy in areas where unrest and insurgency have created a synchronous downward spiral of economic hardship and violence. Futron was able to recruit, confirm proper credentials, and deploy personnel to Afghanistan within a two week timeframe to meet TFBSO’s needs.

In addition to Information Technology support, Futron is responsible for supporting a network of diverse manufacturers. Some of the hardware and software OEMs supported include Dell, Barracuda, Cisco, HP, Polycom, Microsoft, and SolarWinds.

Futron is proud of its work with the TFBSO and is honored to have supported the U.S. effort in Afghanistan. We stand ready to support our customers wherever the need arises.