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Project Snapshot: Department of the Interior (DOI) Enterprise Services Network (ESN)

Futron’s June Project Snapshot Series highlights work performed for the Department of Interior (DOI) in order to consolidate its wide-area networks across the country into a single Enterprise Services Network (ESN).

The initial phase of the project required bringing 24 key DOI facilities on-net by utilizing Reliance Globalcom’s fiber infrastructure. Team Futron provided multiple 100 Mbps Layer 2 Ethernet connectivity that was able to scale up to 1 Gbps.

interiorThe fiber infrastructure links the mission-critical applications of the DOI’s base offices in Washington, D.C. and Denver, as well as the headquarters of the major department bureaus across the country in more than 1,000 locations. This new robust configuration connects many mission-critical applications on multiple paths and at custom bandwidth levels. It also utilizes real-time failover technologies and significantly consolidates the DOI’s intranet and Internet traffic down to just four major gateways, significantly enhancing security and efficiency.

This project demonstrates Futron’s successful ability to design, install and manage an enterprise wide telecommunications project across the United States. When necessary, Futron was able to install last mile connectivity anywhere in the country which was needed to connect certain sites not located near Futron provided network access corridors.

Futron effectively managed providing telecommunication solutions to DOI customers no matter their geography by utilizing a monthly reoccurring revenue model. This experience directly led to Futron developing the processes and systems internally to deliver cloud based and other monthly recurring based telecommunications solutions to the US Government via our vast array of contract vehicles like GRITS II.