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Project Snapshot: Call 40

dbc3As part of Futron’s ongoing Project Snapshot Series focusing on several important projects during our 20 years in business, this month we would like to share the Call 40 project. Call 40 was a U.S. Army telecommunications infrastructure installation that included fiber installed in a concrete duct system at Camp Phoenix in Kabul, Afghanistan.

The uniqueness of this project is that Futron was asked to stop current work and instead perform an engineering change of plan to work at the more important and time sensitive location, Camp Phoenix. Futron quickly changed the project scope to meet this new requirement and successfully moved the entire project in a week’s time.

Detailed project planning and management was required as the location was in a geo-political climate, violence affected transportation of materials to the base, and employees needed to be adequately equipped for the task order. Thorough communication between Futron, the end customer (in a CONUS location) and the base ensured all deadlines were met.

Projects like Call 40 demonstrate Futron’s ability to adapt to any circumstance. Futron is dedicated to fulfilling our customer’s needs, and will develop the required project plans and relationships to make sure we deliver against our promise.