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Project Snapshot: Design Build AIT Facility in Iraq

This Project Snapshot Series shares the Design Build work  did for the United States Marine Corp in Al Taqquaddum, Iraq.

Futron was chosen as the Design Build contractor in response to an RFP issued by the Marine Corp for developing a complex to up fit combat vehicles at a base in Iraq. The project was to renovate two existing hangers and provide two new structures to provide for a multi-station assembly building where combat vehicles would be brought in and maintained, as well as outfitted with the latest personnel protection. As part of the development of the facility power systems, HVAC Systems and Compressed air systems needed to be designed.

The new structures erected for this use were two 8400 sq. ft. fabric skinned buildings. These buildings had an aluminum structure covered by a dual layered fabric skin with insulation sandwiched between the layers. This provided a structure capable of withstanding the desert conditions, provides blackout protection for 24 hour operation within the structure, and the added ability of the facility to be broken down and shipped to a new location if required. The assembly buildings were outfitted with HVAC systems to maintain a comfortable working environment, compressed air systems to power tools, and diesel generators to provide power to operate the systems, as well as basic lighting and hand tool power. In addition to the new structures, Futron renovated two existing hangers to serve as parts storage and office space for the facility.

The largest single reason for the success of this project was the close coordination with the Marine Corp to be able to move men and material safely into the base and erect the structures in a short period of time. The structures were manufactured in Belgium and had to be routed through Germany to be airlifted into Iraq, while the generators were manufactured in California and the HVAC units in Florida. All shipments of materials and tools had to be routed through Charleston in order to be transported overseas. This project indicates the strong level of coordination that Futron brings into any project we perform.

Project Snapshot Series - Al Taqquaddum images