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Futron Launches Inventory Management System Solution

Futron has premiered our inventory management software—the Callisto Inventory Management Tool—that will allow our customers and Futron staff to gain real-time access to the type, identification, and physical location of Futron-supplied hardware devices. Callisto provides a user-friendly, customizable tool that tracks the global deployment of Futron’s audio-visual (AV), unified communications (UC), and IT solutions. Our Procurement Department and designated users from customer organizations can track data to the individual device level—optimizing transparency needed to maintain on-time product delivery and integration.

As a global company, Futron’s experience over the last 20 years has provided insights needed to develop an in-house tool to meet our inventory tracking needs. Futron’s impetus to develop Callisto was based on the recognition that our project management staff needed a streamlined tool to track inventory. Futron used its Agile-based software development capabilities to implement Callisto and will continue to make improvements needed to meet our customers’ requirements.

Callisto provides real-time, web-based reporting for our customers, according to Futron President Matt Qureshi:

“Leveraging our software and web development competencies, we have created a tool to enhance our ability to transparently serve our customers—advancing the capabilities of our Project Management and Engineering Departments.”

The tool also helps avoid or limit any delays due to maintenance outages because the system stores warranty and maintenance support information to enable users to rapidly initiate a request for service.